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Every year unfortunately we deal with some of the most uneducated, ignorant people in the world. This year was the turn of this amazing indian family.

All start when the old couple return from a little walk, they start to shout at the reception that somebody get inside there beg and steal 100 US dollar.

In few minute the all family start to shout at the reception (like in a nice indian movie). The only think to do at that point was to call the police, and soon they arrive the 100 US dollar become 1000 baht and soon after 0 baht. After we saw the video from the cctv and realize how violent was the attach by this people to the reception, we refuse any more services to them. The next morning we have to call the police again to make them leave.

We have the right to refuse the service to all the people that behave this way,and since this guest promise us to keep write bad review in trip advisor (and they already wrote 5), we will keep our promise too. Here the fantastic family

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